Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Post Loren Stump workshops!!!!

Hi all!!!!  I have now recovered from a huge marathon with Loren Stump at my Studio in Brisbane at the end of July....he taught 3 days of Murrini and 3 days of paperweight classes. I'm sure all the students that attended would agree that it was a simply incredible experience and we are hoping that he will come back and visit us again next year!!!!

Sliced Butterfly Murrini

Shaded Murrini Faces....painting with Glass!!!!!

Putting the paperweights together

Tiger Murrini....and Loren's Torch in action!!!!

Loren is a true visionary and master of glass....he is self taught and knows glass like no-one else I have ever met.   He never says "it can't be done" he just goes and develops and works out ways to do it. His tirelessness in teaching is renowned and he is certainly someone who pushes the boundaries not only of himself but his students in class. Classes are known to go well into the wee hours....but in saying that all the students are on a 'high' anyway from the knowledge that is being imparted from such a great master of lampworking.

Day 5....couldn't keep my eyes open ha ha!!!!

His legacy will be the amazing knowledge and understanding that he has shared with all his humble students around the world......we are certainly very privileged to have someone of Lorens talents, personality and calibre in our midst as an amazing teacher and true maestro of the glass!!!!

Blown Shell
Sculpted Tiger's head

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